Buffalo Bleu Cheese Burger

Fresh ground beef patty topped with crumbled blue cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Buffalo Wing Sauce on a toasted potato bun.


Serves 2

2 each Potato buns - toasted
2 each Romaine Lettuce Leaf halves
4 each Tomato slices
2 each 6 oz Angus Beef Patty
2 oz crumbled blue cheese
6 slices crispy bacon cut in half
3 fl-oz Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo Wing Sauce


Grill burgers to desired temperature and melt cheese on burgers. Place 3/4 fl oz of Buffalo Wing Sauce on heel and top of each bun. Divide lettuce & tomato on heel of bun and place burgers on lettuce & tomato. Place bacon on cheese. Top & serve immediately.